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Neopharmed Gentili supported the publication of the Report on Healthcare Poverty and Drug Donation” issued in 2015, by theObservatory of the Banco Farmaceutico to highlight issues connected with healthcare poverty, that is to say, the lack of economic resources necessary to pay for medical treatments or procedures whose costs are not covered by the National Health System (SSN). The Report shows that healthcare poverty is a real social emergency, which has greater impact on foreigners, who can not benefit from the services offered by the SSN, but also on a high percentage of Italian citizens, who are forced to turn to charities in order to obtain support for their essential care needs.

Pharmacies play a key role in organising the donation of medicines: Neopharmed Gentili has supported a project for the “Recupero farmaci validi non scaduti” (Recycling of non-expired medications), carried out by Banco Farmaceutico in Rome, with the cooperation of local pharmacies and participating healthcare bodies, with the aim to donate medicines to citizens who can not afford them.