Company Overview

/Company Overview

Innovation and research at the patient’s service

Neopharmed Gentili is an Italian pharmaceutical company specialized in the production and marketing of solutions with high therapeutic value, and an important player in the national pharmaceutical market.

Neopharmed Gentili has developed through external growth, thanks to a series of partnerships and acquisitions which contributed to strengthen the company’s image as a serious and dynamic enterprise, with a wide portfolio of products in several therapeutic areas: from drugs for the treatment of vascular, cardio-metabolic and respiratory diseases, to antibiotics and osteoarticular treatments, as well as over-the-counter medication and supplements.

The company is directly involved in promoting several initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate welfare, in order to become part of the communities in which it operates, and to drive civil and social progress. This commitment is reflected in several charity initiatives, but also in an effort to create a work environment aimed at improving work-life balance and valuing the different personalities and professional potential of each employee.

The search for innovative products to improve the health and quality of people’s life is at the heart of our business. We communicate this vision through our passion and daily commitment and over 380 employees share it.