The sign and the spirit

/The sign and the spirit

Sponsoring of the retrospective exhibition “The sign and the spirit. Furniture, painting, sculptures and jewellery” (Palazzo Reale of Milan, September 2011)

Neopharmed Gentili was the sole sponsor of a great retrospective exhibition that Palazzo Reale dedicated to Gabriella Crespi; eclectic artist, style icon, muse of the greatest international fashion designers, from Milan and an ambassador of Italian style in the world.
The Company has recognized in the special history of this imaginative and multifaceted artist, the stages and “style” of its adventure in the world of pharmaceutical research, which started in Milan in 1972 and soon became an international reality. Two seemingly distant worlds, those of an artist and a pharmaceutical company, which, in reality, are in perfect harmony and similar in their continuous research and planning that always accompanies a vision, in the ability to make ideas tangible, in the determination of an all-Italian energy making its way into the world.