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Neopharmed Gentili has strongly endorsed the first edition of “La Babele dell’assistenza domiciliare in Italia: chi la fa e come la fa” (“The Babel of home care in Italy: who does it and how they do it”), an investigation on Integrated Home Care in Italy carried out by Italia Longevaa network dedicated to the elderly, established by the Ministry of Health, the Marche Region and IRCCS INRCA to promote a new vision of the elderly as a resource for society when in good health, active and committed in roles that enhance the experience and wisdom accumulated over the years, but also senior citizens as providers of goods and services.

The survey has closely analysed the structure and functioning of Integrated Home Care (IHC) in Italy, based on a sample of real home care services which is representative of different geographical areas, in order to bring out the numbers of the assisted population and of employed staff, recruitment criteria, day-by-day organisation and much more.

The organisational models of twelve Local Health Authorities selected from eleven Italian regions were analysed. The results of the study, which revealed a substantial regional lack of homogeneity in the provision of services, were presented on the occasion of the “Long-Term Care TWO” initiative, the General States of Long-term Care, promoted by Italia Longeva (Ministry of Health – Rome, 11-12 July 2017).