La borsa del medico (“The doctor’s bag”)

/La borsa del medico (“The doctor’s bag”)

Digital healthcare exists, yet it is not fully accessible to citizens/patients, and the healthcare service cannot yet benefit from the simplifications and savings that this digitalisation can generate.

A pharmaceutical company must not lose sight of its fundamental mission, which is to contribute to innovation by providing patients with increasingly effective and safe therapeutic solutions, as well as technological solutions that can have a positive impact on the quality of life, on the care of patients and on the daily work of healthcare professionals. With this belief in mind, Neopharmed Gentili offered its contribution in a project called “La Borsa del Medico”, as well helping in the writing of the first organic handbook on  mobile health  called “App medicali nella borsa del medico – Quando le app per la salute sono dispositivi medici” (Medical apps in the doctor’s bag – When health apps become medical devices”.

“La Borsa del Medico” collects the tools required to address the problems of daily clinical practice, from the calculation of scores or dosages, to decisions on which therapeutic approach to be follow, taking into account important administrative elements, such as the AIFA (Italian Agency for Pharmaceuticals) guidelines. The book, on the other hand, offers an in-depth but also pragmatic and operative analysis of the world of apps and their potential, with contributions by renowned professionals working in different sectors, from biomedicine to computer science, research and medicine.

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