Women live longer than men, they get sick more, spend more years of their life in worse health, consume more medicines and are the largest category of users of the National Health Service. O.N.Da, The National Observatory on Women’s Health (Osservatorio nazionale sulla salute della donna), is committed to promoting sexual health awareness at institutional, health-care, scientific-academic and social level to  ensure women’s right to health according to principles of equity and equal opportunities.

The cooperation between Neopharmed Gentili and O.N.Da started in 2014 when they both took part in the 4° institutional O.N.Da-OMS meeting on “Violence against women”, and continued in 2016, with their support to project “Bollini RosaArgento”, an award given to accredited public or private health care residences which fulfilled the requirements needed to guarantee their guests, the majority of whom are elderly women, personalised, effective and safe management.