Social accountability

/Social accountability

Our commitment to health and the society we work in

The Neopharmed Gentili Group believes in and is directly committed to promoting a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aiming at providing a service to the community, by supporting initiatives and partnerships throughout the country as an integral part of its production activity. We want to contribute to the health of the people through a corporate policy which pays attention to the local area and to the social context in which it operates.

  • Tour del Respiro (Breath tour)
    Neopharmed Gentili promotes the “Tour del Respiro”,
    an itinerant campaign to raise public awareness on the importance of early diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
    In each city visited by the “Tour del Respiro” van, people will have the chance to carry out a spirometry to diagnose any respiratory issues with the presence of expert healthcare professionals, and to receive information on prevention and advice on respiratory health, through the distribution of informative material, among other things. The first stop of the “Il Tour del Respiro” was Frosinone, on October 20th, 2018.
  • World Osteoporosis day Neopharmed Gentili stops for a day to offer employees free screenings and insights on lifestyle changes to adopt and preserve good bone health.
  • Neopharmed Gentili joins forces with the Sant’Egidio Community for the prevention of osteoporosis and to support the elderly population. 
    Since 2014, Neopharmed Gentili has been working with the Sant’Egidio community to promote information and prevention projects aimed at the elderly and their families.
    As part of our commitment to the fight against osteoporosis, Neopharmed Gentili has contributed to the organization of several meetings to raise awareness in the city of Rome.

Neopharmed Gentili has also contributed to realising the “Guide for the hot weather” and the “Guide for the cold weather”, handbooks containing simple but useful advice to prevent damage caused by excessively high or cold temperatures: at home, outside, and when using medicines.
The Company supported the campaign “Viva gli Anziani: un futuro per tutti”, with a focus on “Ten years of active monitoring of over 75s”, by the Sant’Egidio Community.

  • Neopharmed Gentili joins forces with O.N.Da to fight violence against women
    Neopharmed Gentili supported the organization of meeting “Violence against women”, promoted by the National Observatory on Women’s Health (O.N.Da) and the World Health Organization (WHO), held in Rome on 10 April 2014, with the aim of: presenting the statistics on gender-based violence and the WHO Guidelines on Violence against Women; discussing how members of parliament in Italy and other countries have worked to raise awareness and develop legislative instruments to tackle violence against women and their experience in the ratification process of the Istanbul Convention and  facilitating the application.
  • Neopharmed Gentili with “Friends for Central Africa Onlus” in support of the humanitarian emergency in the Central African Republic
    Neopharmed Gentili donates essential medication to fight infections and malnutrition, two of the most serious emergencies in the Central African Republic.
  • Project “Gestational diabetes: a focus on women’s issues”
    Motherhood is certainly one of the most important and exciting moments in a woman’s life, but it is not free from unexpected events and complications. More and more women are affected by a metabolic disorder called “gestational diabetes”, which involves an abnormal increase of glucose levels, and a series of related issues, for both the mother-to-be and her child. To help women deal with this condition, for which medical and scientific information is often lacking, Neopharmed Gentili has produced and distribution of brochures to answer the most frequently asked questions about the disease. The information material has been translated into several languages and diversified on the basis of the differences between pregnant women in terms of calorie intake and physical exercise.


  • “You have diabetes: renew your driving licence safely”
    The Italian legislation on fitness to drive (Decree issued on 30 November 2010 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which implements Directive 2009/112/EC on the renewal or issue of driving licences to diabetics) is interpreted differently by each region and in different provinces of the same region. To shed light on the issue and help people with diabetes in the process of renewing their driving licence, Neopharmed Gentili has produced brochures, which have been distributed to all facilities involved: General Medicine clinics, Local Healthcare Facilities, Medical-Legal Commissions, and ACI (Italian Automobile Club) delegations.
    Download the Project’s materials:


  • Sponsoring of the retrospective exhibition “The sign and the spirit. Furniture, painting, sculptures and jewellery” (Palazzo Reale of Milan, September 2011) 
    Neopharmed Gentili was the sole sponsor of a great retrospective exhibition that Palazzo Reale dedicated to Gabriella Crespi; eclectic artist, style icon, muse of the greatest international fashion designers, from Milan and an ambassador of Italian style in the world.
    The Company has recognized in the special history of this imaginative and multifaceted artist, the stages and “style” of its adventure in the world of pharmaceutical research, which started in Milan in 1972 and soon became an international reality. Two seemingly distant worlds, those of an artist and a pharmaceutical company, which, in reality, are in perfect harmony and similar in their continuous research and planning that always accompanies a vision, in the ability to make ideas tangible, in the determination of an all-Italian energy making its way into the world.