Superjob webinar

/Superjob webinar

Webinar Inclusion Job Day
3rd of July 2020 – 11:30am-12:15pm

“Disability and work, a possible (and winning) combination. The Super Job experience”


In an incredibly difficult moment in time like the one we are experiencing due to the pandemic, it is even more evident how work is a driving force for social inclusion, which allows us to look to the future with confidence.
This is especially true for the most fragile and vulnerable subjects, those most exposed to the crisis and the risk of marginalization.
This calls into question young individuals, for whom entering the business world represents a boost to independence and to the realization of both dreams and aspirations.

The Super Job portal ( is the result of the collaboration between the pharmaceutical group Neopharmed Gentili and the recruiting company PageGroup (Page Executive, Michael Page, Page Personnel), was created with the aim of making a real contribution to the integration of people with disabilities within the business field, facilitating the right match between job supply and demand, demonstrating how integration in the company can represent the extra gear that leads to excellence, beyond easy slogans.

Super Job is completely free, both for aspiring workers (who can apply for open positions, as well as take advantage of useful tips to prepare for job interviews), and for companies (who can publish their personnel searches for protected categories), and is presented as a very intuitive platform, which favors users experience. In addition, to promote the culture of diversity, the portal hosts specific content on the subject of disability and the labor market, as well as personal experiences that testify both the social and economic values of inclusion within the business sphere.
This is the message Super Job is keen to portray; there aren’t only “second class jobs”, but personal skills, abilities and talents that can make a difference. Thanks to technology and different organizations processes, the obstacle of disability is always less insurmountable.


Introduzione e moderazione
Andrea Sermonti │ giornalista scientifico, Milano Finanza

“La diversità che vince in azienda, oltre gli slogan”
Marco Giorgetti │ Managing Director, Value Relations

“Le potenzialità dell’e-recruiting nel mondo della disabilità”
Michael Luciano, Senior Manager di Page Personnel

“SuperJob, più valore alla diversità in ambito lavorativo”
Laura Pecoraro, Project Manager di SuperJob, Labsus&Freud