VALGOANCHIO.IT: more value for the diversity in the workplace

The innovative platform that brings the business world closer to people with disabilities in a simple and efficient way

The new portal sets itself the ambitious but realistic goal of promoting a new approach to inclusion, bringing the business world- whether large companies, SMEs or commercial activities- closer to the realities of the third sector in a simple and efficient way to institutions, people with disabilities and their families.

A Copernican revolution that places the value of the person at the center in the expression of his human and professional potential

The platform- open to all stakeholders- will be dynamic, interactive and informative.
In the first place it will foreground raising awareness content, the focal point of the storytelling, a key asset in promoting effective inclusion.

Moving from the emotional to the rational level, space will be given to the presence of news, data and successful historical cases, both national and international, to communicate with statistical and scientific evidence, as well as the benefits that diversity and inclusion can bring in the professional field.

Space will also be given to managers and HR managers. For once the roles will be reversed: in fact, the testers themselves will be the ones being tested. Through a game integrated into the website with quiz challenges, it will be possible to evaluate one’s attitude to integration, in order to increase engagement, overcoming preconceptions and bringing out, in a fun and active way the great growth potentials there are in including people with disabilities in the workplace.



The project is conceived and implemented by The-Cover ( ), the innovative Roman startup within which a selection of the best Italian communication and marketing agencies operate, each with excellent vertical case histories. Formed by a team of over 50 experts in different disciplines, coordinated by a single account department, able to offer its customers all the advantages of a large group, while remaining competitive, flexible, updated and specialized. for the Valgoanchio project avails itself of the creative support of the partner agency Labsus & Freud.